Welcome to Rocktober

Ive been too busy lately to write on my blog due to studies (dam chemistry and aviation maintenance) , but im back!!

Well, another year, ROCKTOBER HERE WE COME!!  As the Rockies beat the brewers 9 to 4 , they’re  wild card champs! Lets hope they win  tomorrow against their rivals, the Dodgers!

well im (unfortunately) done ! I have a I.B.D(inflammable bowel disease) report to write up!

Rockies (busy) Photo Snatcher


let the champagne flow

im Trying new things, Lord sent a gift from heaven

Well i haven’t been able to write lately
sooo many things occurring
so little time\

ive been busy taking care of my new bunny , still unnamed, so i call him “rock” for now

evil bunny.jpgand yes this is a actual picture of him! hes just like his mother , evil and doesn’t care

and he has gotten along with my dog, that’s his best buddy!!

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Holliday traded to cards..

i am currently switching my Yankees-A’s tickets to cards-Mets tickets because now Matt Holliday is a cardinal. To think just 30 seconds ago i was finalizing my mets-Rockies tickets and inviting some friends when i saw the news! Wow wonder how red looks like (anyways the elephants were starting to creep me out)
172x135CAO15UM5.jpgoh hopefully he hits better there so now on the 10th day of trade-mas,the cardinals get Matt holliday tied up in a nice,fancy bow ,but not before the rockies get their present from old st.dan. The rockies get Rafael Betancourt for a minor league pitcher. Wow, wonderful trade guys , hope to see this guy on Thursday from the tiptop of Citi field! Crb.jpeg  nice fellow i can see

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